Approx 160 km with an elevation gain of about 2200 meters. Climbing is good for you.

  • When

    Saturday 18th of August

  • Where

    Jönköping, Huskvarna - Sweden

  • How

    Teams of two

Its once again time to bend the wheels and climb the hills in the Swedish Flanders.

Every cyclist is not born a climber but every cyclist has an inner climber. Its just a matter of embracing your inner climber and teaming up with a friend to share the memory. We offer 13 (at least) short and steep hills in a landscape that resembles Belgiums finest Classics on roads that always seem to lead to a great view of Lake Vättern and the surroundings. Mostly run on paved road we also offer some gravel climbs, just for that extra Classics feeling. But be not alarmed, most riders will use their finest weapons to match the gradients.

Registration opens Friday 27th of April, 09:00. Fee? 900 SEK per team. Special fee for first 50 teams 800 SEK.

More info to come, sign up for newsletter below. Direct your questions to info@13hills.se

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