The non race report – 13 Hills 2018


At the start of the day the sun was shining and beautiful clouds surrounded Jönköping. Inside the Spira Concert Hall the air was thick. Some claim that 13 Hills is the most beautiful and the toughest non race in Sweden; You ride in pairs. There is no timing. There are no closed roads. There are no support vehicles or feed zones. It's only you and your team mate against the hills and the chosen route.

The last couple of days before the start people started asking for starting list. We had one, but as tradition goes, it was a non starting list. Everyone would eventually find the list upon arrival at Spira.

Last years winners were there: both mens and womens teams. They both had their strategies ready. The mandatory ride to the first hill was a battle waiting to happen with teams eager to get a good position at the let-go but also teams nervous and eager to see what Jönköping had waiting for them. After a couple of hills everyone knew. Some teams started off by riding all the hills in Huskvarna, some followed the recommended route that gave the legs a bit of breathing between the hills. When you’re on a scavenger hunt for hills anything goes as long as you find your rhythm.

As it turned out, the winning mens team: Fläskpannkaka used their local skills to make some short cuts and the winning women’s team: Team Tip Top used the recommended route. Pretty sure the winning Mixed Team: Terrible Cycling also used the recommended route.

And even though we heard riders saying they hated the hills – we knew that the hills loved them.

The results? Some say there is a pdf somewhere on the internet. We haven’t found it. But there definitely is a non result list somewhere.

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