Rapha 12 Hills 2017 – The Preview


Its time for the third edition of Rapha 12 Hills.

On the 19th of August Jönköping will host the Rapha 12 Hills for the third time. 110 teams have registered for the ride, which sold out in two weeks, and its time for some last info and preview of the hills. Use #rapha12hills to share your preparations and your memories for the day.

FRIDAY 18th – Pre ride
Get your legs going with an easy ride to some of the most instagram friendly spots in Jönköping. After-bike at local beer tap will follow. Ride leaves Spira at 14:00.

SATURDAY 19th – Rapha 12 Hills
Registration opens 9.00 at Kulturhuset Spira. Be in time for sign-in and to sign your waiver. Coffee is available.

Last info 10:30

Ride starts 11:00, neutralized/master ride out of the city centre to first hill.

Half way coffee is open between 13-15:00 at Restaurang Sjön. Coffee and a sandwich is served.

Last finish time 18:00

Followed by after-bike hang-around and price ceremony. Food served between 17 and 20:00.

SUNDAY 20th – Post ride
Restart those legs with a ride out of town and back. Ride leaves Spira at 10:00.

– Who wins?
Although not a race, the team that collects all the stamps in shortest time from Start to Finish are first to finish the route.

– Do you have to follow the suggested route?
All teams are required to ride hill no.1 first but are then free to climb the hills in any order. The hills are to be climbed as per the suggested route, using suggested direction of each climb. Between the start of each climb you are free to use any route to get to the start of next climb.

– Do you have to climb the hills in the suggested order?
You can climb the hills in any order you like but the two recommended routes can be found here: WEST loop first and EAST loop first. Use the EXPORT-tab to find download options, most use GPS_TRACK as format.

– Will there be sportgrus(gravel roads)?
Yes. There is about 15 km of gravel to ride. A road bike will be fine.

– Where do we find the stamps?
At the start of each climb there is a marking on the road or pink ribbons to let you know you can go all-out. At the top of each climb there is a stamp hanging from a tree or street light, marked on the pavement or by a flag.

– Is the half way coffee break mandatory?
Yes. There is no stamp for the coffee break but its mandatory to get your time written in the brevet card by staff at stop.

– Where do I refill water bottles?
The route passes several gas stations, fill up where you find it appropriate.

– Can our team use support car?

– What about shower and bag drop?
No showers but restrooms available at Kulturhuset Spira, and possibility to leave bags there.

– Is there any where to park my car?
There is a marathon in Jönköping on the same date. We recommend using the parking houses close to Spira for any cars.

– What about food?
Hamburger Buffé is included in the starting fee, vegetarian option and food allergies available as requested.

– Are the roads closed for traffic?
The ride takes place on open roads. All participants are required to follow the laws of the road and respect all road users. Be careful out there.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to mail Marcus at rapha12hills@laleprestanca.se and he will try to sort them out.

The 2017 edition of Rapha 12 Hills returns to some familiar hills but contains some new dark horses that will have your chipslegs burning. After the top of the first hill you are free to choose which hills and which direction to go (see GPS-links above).

The HILLS Length | Avg | Max

  1. Muur de Skinnersdal
    | 1,6 km | 7 % | 19 %
  2. Muur de Georgs tarm
    | 0,8 km | 10 % | 26 %
  3. Mont Taberg
    | 1.2 km | 7 % | 28 %
  4. Col D’Åsa
    | 0,7 km | 8,8 % | 26 %
  5. Col Sandseryd
    | 2,4 km | 4,4 % | 19 %
  6. Muur de Ebbarp
    | 0,6 km | 11 % | 20 %
  7. Col de Labbarp
    | 1 km | 10 % | 18 %
  8. Col de Bråneryd
    | 0,8 km | 9 % | 26 %
  9. Alp de Norra Kleva
    | 1,3 km | 16 % | 27 %
  10. Muur de Lyckås
    | 2,6 km | 9 % | 16 %
  11. Col di Kularp
    | 2,5 km | 6 % | 15 %
  12. Port de Fingals
    | 2 km | 5 % | 18 %
Summery: Be prepared, take your time and be safe.

The first edition of Jönköping Marathon takes place on the same date. They use a route in the city center and some roads and road crossings are closed between 9-15. Use one of the two suggested routes and you will have no problem to navigate without distracting the runners.

Roads are open for traffic, respect all road users and be careful out there. Best option to refill water bottles are at the mandatory half way coffee or while riding through town before hill number five. No outside support is allowed so be prepared and help yourself and teammate.

Looking forward to meeting you all for a beautiful day on two wheels in Jönköping.

The best of luck to all teams

Ride committee,
Rapha 12 Hills & La Lepre Stanca

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