Rapha 12 Hills


Uppdate ( 20/8 ): – race info version 1.0

Teams of two riders tackle 12 hills, 150 km, 2200 m of climbing in shortest time.

Saturday 22nd of August. 11:00 at Cykelköket, Jönköping. Finish at Cykelköket 18:00.

Find yourself a team member, or sign up and we’ll fix you up at the start. Ride all or as many hills you like.

More info and route on Rapha 

The roads are open, respect all road users. Participation is voluntary and at your own risk. Safety comes first.


CKB Golden Calves
CKB Bunny Hoppers
Lanterne Rouge
Kreti och pleti
CKB Sport Grouse
Oranges are the new black
MCMCC – Mast Chop Mountain Cycling Club
Till topps
Shaver Sport
La tete et les jambes
Team misuratore di potenza
Outnorth Adventure
Team Nidor
Team MTB
Elmhults Sport Club II
L’esposizione involontaria
Caffè Americano
La Dolce Vita
Team Pauseben
The lanky ones
Handgranaterna CK
Piccola Lama
Team Fireball
Lammi & Ninis
Squadra Pantani
In Velo Veritas
Look Sharp
Hills don’t lie
Team Jönby
Le Lièvre et la Tortue

Sign up for the ride here (sign up closes on Thursday 20th of August)

9 reaktion på “Rapha 12 Hills

  1. In the info at the Rapha site it states ”the team that demonstrates having climbed the 12 hills in the shortest time, crowned the winner.” Does that mean that only the cummulative total time it takes to ride from bottom to top of just the 12 climbs determines the winner? Or is the winner the team that has collected brevet card stamps from all of the climbs in the shortest time from Start to Finish at Cykelköket?

    Also, does it matter which route a team takes in getting to the checkpoints? Some of the hills have more than one way to get to the top.

    • The team that collects all the stamps in shortest time from Start to Finish wins.

      The hills are to be climbed as per the suggested route, however between the start of each climb you are free to use any route to get to the start of next climb.

  2. Min kära cykelkamrat har lyckats med konststycket att bli sjuk lagom till eventet. Finns det någon därute som vill köra…hojta till!

  3. Thanks for a great event! It was a really different and fun format for a cycling competition.


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